well, I suppose that removes this movie from the pile of things I would have considered but no longer am considering

To be honest, no, I probably wasn’t ever going to watch Sucker Punch. But, I suppose there was a chance I could have seen it, or could have wanted to see it, or could have been suckered into seeing it based on the over-stylized commercials and cheap appeal to my repressed and hormonal inner-teen.

But this about seals the deal:

Sucker Punch is an awful movie. You probably have heard that by now. What is really amazing is that it is so bad that I keep thinking about it. I dissect it as I try to identify every little thing wrong with it. My core problem is that the story is shit and I have literally seen better character development from stories told by children on the playground. It is stunningly awful.

I trust Shon Richards. With erotica, and porn, and nerdery, and shit to geek out over, and well, a lot. He’s a guy I can hang with.

So why do I bring up this awful movie at all? I have been in a creative personal slump. Work stress and health stress has eaten away at my creativity and like all insecure artists, I started doubting my ability to tell a story.

Then I see a trashy abortion like Sucker Punch and realize, “Fuck, even a Internet porn writer like myself could do better shit than this.”

Shon: you do way better shit, all the time.

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