portraits of kink

I adore Remittance Girl for her dedication to the craft:

A while back, I proposed a project and asked people who saw themselves as non-vanilla if they’d be willing to answer some questions about themselves in the interest of providing greater insight and some reality-based templates for erotica authors to work from.

Her questionnaire was thorough, thought-provoking, and self-reflective. I am ashamed to say that I don’t fit far enough down the spectrum— that is, I’m actually a little too vanilla, I think.

(Others may disagree?)

Ultimately I decided that there really was no like-with-like or opposites. These people all represent points on a very complex continuum. They all deserved to stand on the page individually. So I’ve decided to post one profile a day to avoid the propensity we all have for making comparisons or for perceiving of something as having less value because it comes in an abundance. All of these people are unique. And all have been gracious participants.

Her portraits are a delightful read.

(Update: These portraits are now available at their own site: Portraits of Kink and Remittance Girl continues to serve as curator.)

Portraits of Kink @ Remittance Girl