(from 19-January, 2009)

The movements were subtle, at first, but definitely noticeable, the almost imperceptible crunching of the down feathers muffled by the cotton accompanying the jostling in the bed. I opened my eyes lazily, slightly, barely.

She was on her stomach, facing away from me, hair spread out on the pillow, the only thing up and above the comforter. It was cold, my face now registering the icy room temperature-– winter had bared its teeth this week, reintroduced us to its howl, and scratched hard with claws of frost. The lumps and folds hid her body, the shape of it unseen and covered, my senses still groggily making their way to the surface, unable to discern at first what she was doing, or if she’d simply been repositioning herself.

It was then that I heard her emit a muffled sigh, a breath taking a turn through her throat and carrying with it an almost pained sound. I paid more attention.

Her leg pushed up against mine, the skin cold, feet icy, but presence welcome. She pushed it flat against my leg and I could feel it from knee to ankle. Looking at the curious gathering of the comforter, I pretended to have x-ray vision, my eyes through the feathers and cotton, to see the curve of the small of her back as she pushed her stomach into the bed while lifting her ass. Another half-sigh, sprinkled with a half moan; the bed gently swaying with her motions.

Her hands were at her pussy.

Her wrists were pinned under her body, and her legs were spread apart, bent at the knees. Her back was arched as she reached down, fingers delicately prodding her pussy lips, arms moving up and down, her breasts squashed with nipples hard against the sheets.

Done watching (or, imagining, as it were), I shifted slowly in bed, careful not to startle her. I moved my leg gently against hers, letting a sound out from my mouth. She turned her head to me as I blinked my eyes open, seeing her eyes wide and wild, biting her lower lip. My hand reached out to her, under the comforter, and found her bare ass, my fingers stretching and palm flat against it as I squeezed. She blinked, and took her time opening her eyes.

I rolled over and onto her, my chest now against her bare back, arms on either side of her shoulders, and legs nestled between her thighs. She sucked in her breath as I brushed against her pussy-– my hips cradling her ass. I felt her fingers reaching for me, her ass raising higher as she reached her arms lower under her body and beneath her pussy.

The movement had lifted a corner of the comforter and let the cold air seep its way in, our bodies suddenly hit with a chill and simultaneous shiver. I breathed on her neck, my breath sifting through her hair. She pulled my cock flat against her pussy and held it there, the warmth pouring over it. Seeking each other’s warmth, we pressed together, breathed heavily, and I slipped into her.

Her pussy enveloped me, three-hundred-and-sixty degrees of warmth wrapping around my cock, itself hot and firm, diving into her. My body lay on top of her body, the heat radiating outward from our hips trapped between us. She turned her head to the side and we clutched at sideways kisses, breath humid and moist-– I imagined it to be visible like puffy white wisps of steam.

The comforter still lay perched above my shoulders, crinkled in a tiny bit under her body, only the smallest tendrils of cold able to weave in between our bodies, quickly developing beads of sweat as her hands moved in circles around her pussy lips while I rocked my hips in and out, her ass cheeks cushioning each blow.

Her legs twitched, stiff with tension, and her breath hurried to gasps, my arms ached from holding the majority of my weight over her body without squashing her flat. I was sweating and feeling my head now in a strange state of hot and cold, like after exercising outside in the winter. She ground herself upward into me, ass raising higher as her hands moved faster, surely sandwiching her clit at the same time as she pressed her pussy lips against my cock as it slid in and out.

My own legs tightened. I clenched my ass together, my hips feeling the familiar rush right at the tops of my thighs as I gasped, groaned, and came. She twitched too, this time holding it as her legs shot straight and locked at the knees, hands frozen still, breath and body held, her pussy the only part of her moving as it squeezed at me relentlessly.

I pulled myself gently off her body, a moment or ten later, after we’d started breathing again, and landed on my side of the bed, the sheets cold against my back. Still on her stomach, I pulled her to me, close, and her body nestled against mine; our two heads poking up out of the lumpy down comforter pulled in tight, with everything else, under the covers.

(10-March, 2011: Thanks, Fleshbot!)