a school night

I should have asked for my keys back but then again I should have returned her the keys to her own apartment, so fair’s fair— I just don’t show up unannounced— on a school night no less.

I must have fallen asleep on the couch, the sound of her on the phone— the voice loud and chatty in one half of a conversation not intended for me— slipping through the fog of sleep.

“Yeah, I’ll be back, okay like don’t leave without me— uh-huh, yeah— no, it’s okay— well— just hold on, okay?”

Then, clumsy steps outside my door and the fumbling of keys before I heard them drop and land noisily. She swore— again, loud enough to pass un-muffled to my ears. The keys jingled once more as she picked them back up. It was followed by the rake of the key inserted in the lock, and the turn and click with the door opening.

Her steps were rough and unsteady— another indication that she’d been drinking— a chaotic cadence first into the kitchen where I must have left the light on, then further down where her head poked around the corner into the living room. She glared at me, sitting on the couch, meeting my eyes still groggy in the flashes of the West Virginia basketball game. “There you are,” she shot her voice, husky and laden with imbibed alcohol.

The light switch was slapped upward and her heels clacked loudly against the floor and she crossed the distance quickly. The jacket she wore was disposed of on the coffee table, and she wiggled her hips and reached under her skirt, pulling her panties off, stepping out of them ungracefully before she turned to face me and suddenly straddled my lap. She reached down and yanked the waistband of my pajama pants down— finding resistance at my seated weight— then again at the boxer shorts, normally adept fingers reduced to clawing and inaccurate prods until she got what she wanted. Kneading my exposed cock with a grab and a rough touch, she nearly spat in my face.

“This is what I want.”

I tried to lift her up and off of me but shifting only helped settle my pants and underwear down, and she ground against me hard, pubic bone mashing into the skin just above my still-soft cock. It hurt, and made me wince. With her thumb like a makeshift splint— the rest of her fingers wrapped around the base— she pushed me inside her, my semi-soft cock consumed by the hunger of her cunt.

She kept her eyes closed and sunk downward, hand letting go as my body responded, firming inside her, growing larger and inflating against her inner pussy walls. She had let go and pushed against my shoulder down down with one hand, the other spread open wide with fingers against scalp from her hairline over the top and down to her nape— where she held on tightly, face turning now to bury her nose and agape mouth against her bicep, her hips rocking back and forth as she began to fuck herself on me.

It was sort of unbearable.

She moaned into her arm and even even bit down, her breasts heaving and her face turning even a brighter shade of red and the sweat beading on her forehead. The lights on, I noticed the heavy eye makeup— maybe even fake lashes— and blood red lipstick. Her blouse plunged in front of her chest and her bra unceremoniously shoved her curves together. Large hoop earings sagged her earlobes and the skirt she wore only met the middle of her thighs but it was now just crumpled around her waist. Her hand dug into my shoulder with her weight and i saw that she’d let her nails grow, painting them a pale, whorish pink.

I don’t know if I turned away but I wish I did and maybe she came, but I’d long since given up caring, my hands no longer on her hips just fallen to my sides until she climbed off me, wiggled her skirt down, collected her jacket, and led with more clacking footsteps down the hall and out the door while I decided I could ignore the spent panties lying on the floor— for now— and that I should just climb into bed, set my alarm, and hope it all would bring me tomorrow.