to the point

There is an art form, I think, to being so blunt:

Fuck me. 

Don’t think about it. I don’t care if you’re looking for a relationship. I don’t give a shit if you’re not interested in one night stands. Don’t call me baby and you’d better not ask me how I want it. Don’t you dare talk about it.

Ahh yes, less talk. More fuck.

Pound my cunt like you’re flattening meat. Rip me apart from the inside and feed me. Feed me your cock. Feed me your cum. Use me like a doll and position me for your pleasure. Defile my holes and hold me down. Don’t worry about my breaths, I’ll find a way to steal them. Ignore my please for restraint. I’m lying. I promise.

Oh I like her. I like her a lot.

Fuck me. Don't think about it... @ Cupcakes & Cum