Grammatically incorrect, but c’mon whatever:

“You kiss good,” she purred against my lips.

I pushed her shirt up to expose her breasts. They were not as large as mine but beautiful with nipples larger than my own. I pressed my thigh between her legs and she let out a whimper. My head bent down to kiss her nipple as the other hand tweaked the free one. She told me she was coming as I started to bite on her hard nub. I pressed my thigh even more against her and I felt her cunt give way to me.

Yoga pants are wonderful, am I right?

My legs had straddled her leg as I pressed my cunt against her thigh. We were only wearing thin t-shirts and yoga pants. It was a perfect and planned stormed that erupted in my living room floor. She kept coming against my thigh, my hand slid down to feel her heat and she let out a gasp.

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