airing laundry

Delicate items can’t be tossed into the dryer you know.

She notices their fast stride easing to a meandering gait once they spy her up high on the small balcony. Even though she continues to busy herself taking no obvious interest, she can not help but smile slyly at the flirtatious laces and gauzes of ivory and blushing pink, at the seductive silks and satins of ebony and midnight black which have caught their attentions so effortlessly.

And yes I do like sentences that run on forever and ever:

With the suspender belts and stockings, corsets, panties and brassieres dripping their perfect diamond droplets in the glittering sun, her mind drifts to other men, to another man, to the man whose erotic desires are fuelled by these very garments, to the man whose eyes have lingered upon the lines drawn tight across her reclining body, to the man whose digits have fingered the fine mesh then pulled the gusset aside to sink his hard naked cock into her voracious sex, to the man whose hands possess her hips while he fucks her with deep thrusting strokes that cause her to cry out, to call out his name over and again.

(It’s a wonderful thought that it’s Fall in Australia— Autumn is my favorite season.)

Drip-Dry @ Love Hate Sex Cake

to the point

There is an art form, I think, to being so blunt:

Fuck me. 

Don’t think about it. I don’t care if you’re looking for a relationship. I don’t give a shit if you’re not interested in one night stands. Don’t call me baby and you’d better not ask me how I want it. Don’t you dare talk about it.

Ahh yes, less talk. More fuck.

Pound my cunt like you’re flattening meat. Rip me apart from the inside and feed me. Feed me your cock. Feed me your cum. Use me like a doll and position me for your pleasure. Defile my holes and hold me down. Don’t worry about my breaths, I’ll find a way to steal them. Ignore my please for restraint. I’m lying. I promise.

Oh I like her. I like her a lot.

Fuck me. Don't think about it... @ Cupcakes & Cum


Grammatically incorrect, but c’mon whatever:

“You kiss good,” she purred against my lips.

I pushed her shirt up to expose her breasts. They were not as large as mine but beautiful with nipples larger than my own. I pressed my thigh between her legs and she let out a whimper. My head bent down to kiss her nipple as the other hand tweaked the free one. She told me she was coming as I started to bite on her hard nub. I pressed my thigh even more against her and I felt her cunt give way to me.

Yoga pants are wonderful, am I right?

My legs had straddled her leg as I pressed my cunt against her thigh. We were only wearing thin t-shirts and yoga pants. It was a perfect and planned stormed that erupted in my living room floor. She kept coming against my thigh, my hand slid down to feel her heat and she let out a gasp.

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adding an extra dimension

Sometimes, you stumble on something rather good.

I bent and bit into his chest, in a circle just around the boundary line of the areola. He made the kind of encouraging moan that could only interpreted as keep doing that, and harder. I’d have asked, “Are you serious?” but my mouth was occupied. While I already felt like I was gnawing the crust from a loaf of bread, his noises became louder and more furtive when I dug my teeth into his skin as firmly as I dared.

And sometimes you dare yourself more than you dare others.

Whatever I was doing (nothing more than hanging on for dear life) worked because he started swinging backwards and forwards, pushing his pelvis against mine with more determination and inadvertently adding a pulling effect to the grip on his nipple. He loved it. I hung on with my teeth and enjoyed the ride, trying to vary the grip sites in case I was breaking his skin.

Nicely done.

Biting @ the dirty blonde

what magic

Some more thoughts of summer— on a chilly and rainy day in the city, no less.

Bare legs in a summer skirt. The wind caught and flipped the hem, showing just enough leg for me to see her tan fade to pale the closer it got to the top of her thigh.

Who doesn’t love those summer skirts?

She ran across the road just as the lights changed against her and waved her thanks to the impatient car drivers. I bet they didn’t care, a flash of her smile and a flash of her legs, a devastating combination.

She always seemed to be running, rushing to get somewhere or see someone, today it was me.

I sat in the window of the cafe and grinned as she saw me, her pace increasing, heeled cowboy boots ringing on the pavement. How did this woman manage to wear what every other woman was wearing and still make her clothes look as if they were alive on her. What magic did her body exhale into the fabric to make it weave and dance around her?

I don’t know the answer, but that is definitely a special kind of magic.

Bare @ The Erotic Notebook

default allowance for withholding

It is sometimes the withholding more than the gratification, that matters.

He is looking into my eyes, as if reading the words bouncing around inside my silent head. My eyes, pleading with him as my mouth cannot.

He pulls his cock from my lower lips, and straddles my hips, my waist, sitting back on my tits. His cock pulses just below my mouth, and i lick my lips in longing. My pussy is banging out her need, i feel the coil of juice sliding from cunthole to asshole, slipping up my crack until it pools beneath me.

Oh who the fuck am I kidding, you have to have both:

i am longing incarnate. Waiting, and needing, and though His patience is long, i can see the pulsing of his cock, the need building in him as well.

He slides back down between my spread thighs and spears me with his lance. His cock is hard, harder than it has ever been, and i feel him taking himself deeply into my belly, deeply, fully making me his.

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